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HUD NSPIRE Inspection - February 29th - March 1, 2024

Date Posted: 02/07/2024
Category: Maintenance

****Note: The Date And Time Have Changed****

An inspector from HUD will be here on February 29th and March 1st to conduct an inspection of our public housing units. HUD may conduct a Quality Assurance inspection from February 29th - March 15th. Apartments will be chosen on a random basis, and we will not know which apartments will be selected until the day of the inspection so all apartments must be ready for inspection.

Listed below are deficiencies that must be corrected before the inspection. Please call-in work orders as soon as possible for necessary repairs. 

  1. Sinks and refrigerators must not be clogged, and faucets must work and not leak.
  2. Mold/mildew must be removed. Household bleach will remove the mold/mildew.
    All areas of the apartment must be free of mold/mildew. 
  3.  Stove and oven must work properly and hood fan and light must work.
    Make sure filter is clean. 
  4.  If you notice bugs/roaches, contact the office immediately for treatment. Also, clean all dead bugs from windowsills and water closets. 
  5. Doors and walls should be free of holes and clean of any markings.
  6. All lights must work and burned-out bulbs must be replaced.
  7. ***Note: Remove Anything Blocking The Doors/Windows. This Is Considered Blocked Egress. If Your Apartment Is Selected For Inspection And Your Doors/Windows Are Blocked By Anything, You May Be Charged For Blocked Egress. This Is Considered A Fire Hazard.
  8. Smoke Detectors Must Be Working And In Place. If Your Apartment Is Selected For Inspection And Your Smoke Detector Is Not Working Or Has Been Removed Or Disabled, You May Be Charged.

It will not be necessary for you to be in your apartment on the day of the inspection. A housing authority employee will always be present during the inspection. Thank you for your cooperation. 


Debbie Maness, Executive Director

HUD NSPIRE Inspection Flier. The information in this flier is in the text above.